Work Hard with Smart Tactics

Tactic (plural noun = tactics) – an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.

How successful would you be or how would you expect to meet targets if you were doing the opposite, working hard with the wrong tactics? By that definition of ‘tactics’ I think it shows that it is very much possible to set ourselves up for failure because our strategies will determine the ‘specific end’. Often we have seen football managers reveal the hours of preparation it took for them to pinpoint the weaknesses of the opposition and attack it with precision on match day of course leading to a victory.

I’m convinced that working smart with the correct strategy is the way to achieve targets, grades and success rather than solely thinking working hard alone will see you hit goals. There have been cases where personnel’s have worked extremely hard with their business/talent but haven’t reaped the rewards from it due to failure to delegate with other parties, stubbornness and working down the wrong routes.

When I read and analyse successful individuals or even speak to them, I notice how sharp their strategy was to reach where they are. It seems that the key in achieving targets and goals reverts back to the drawing board, detailed planning and preparation.

  1. The Final Destination
  2. The Target Audience
  3. How it will be executed

In writing the method in business and products would be where you want to reach, who is the target and how will you approach the targets.

Working Smart In The Music Industry 

In recent years, 2014 & 2015 especially there has seen a number of artists make their mark in the industry from one single song lasting 3-4 minutes. They often receive a lot of critics from the fans and media for gaining attention and money for just one song, “Where was they last year?” and other similar comments are made about artists such as Dej Loaf, Fetty Wap, OT Genasis and Rich Homie Quan all of which are young American artists that hit the nail dead on the head with a substantial amount of force.

Views on first video single via Youtube:

  • Dej Loaf – Try Me (22 million views, leading to collaboration with Atlantic Records artist Young Thug and Cash Money Inc. Co-founder Birdman. Young Thug of which made headlines with his first major release ‘Lifestyle’ in July 2014 raking in 145 million views and the track going platinum)
  • OT Genasis – Coco (125 million views)
  • Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (94 million views, leading to a number of artists making covers and OVO Sound founder Drake making a remix of his following song ‘My Way’
  • Rich Homie Quan – Type Of Way (95 million views, leading to interest from Def Jam recordings and Cash Money Inc. After being mentored by owner of Cash Money Birdman and involved with the Rich Gang Tha Tour part 1 mixtape, Quan decided to pursue his career going solo as an individual artist.

It is very clear to see the method in which they chose, to gain the attention of major record labels and collaboration of major artists.

  • Finding a gap in the industry, what isn’t there enough of? “How can I use my strengths and capitalise”
  • Sourcing/production of a unique sound
  • When to release the song
  • A catchy rhythm/flow
  • Understanding what music fans want to hear
  • Being themselves

Too many times, notably in the UK music industry, artists look afraid to come out of their comfort zone and produce something unique that will gain 50-100 million views on youtube. UK grime and hip-hop rappers rarely come out of the UK, due to the similar music that comes from the scene. The UK has however produced unique sounds for the world to hear in Ed Sheeran, (who has deals with Atlantic Records, Asylum Records and Elektra Records) Adele (Universal Music Group, Columbia and XL Recordings) and Sam Smith (Capitol Records).

(2nd to last paragraph small comment from Wayne Lebert on working smart)

If there is gold 100 metres underground and one man is digging with a JCB digger and the other man is digging with a spade, who do you think would reach the gold first? The answer is simple yet the man using the spade will look back on his efforts expecting to have won due to how ‘hard he worked’ his face would have been sweating and back aching trying to get that gold. However the JCB digger could have been eating a sandwich whilst doing it, yet he still reaches the gold first. This example is of course very quick however, I think we shouldn’t be so quick to run from the planning stages so fast in achieving our goals.

As the saying goes, ‘opportunity comes once so grab it’. Working hard to gain results will only show, if we are banging on the right door, it is possible to bang on the wrong door of opportunity when nothing is in there, which is a mistake I regularly see everyday.

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How to cope with lack of motivation

Visionary – Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom

I know your thoughts when you see the title ‘How to cope with lack of motivation’, before you think to yourself what could he possibly tell us? I’m under no illusion that it is not easy to function without motivation, in fact the reason why we lock our minds into a task is because we are so motivated to see the outcome. The reason I decided to turn my focus to this subject is because often my spark dies out which could be also known as lack of consistency, but consistency will never happen if you aren’t in love with what you do.

The Importance Of Having A Vision

I’m sure you have all seen at least one new block of apartments being developed in your town, as more housing is being available across London. I’m not sure if you have noticed on the barrier signs where only the builders can access they tend to read something along these lines

30 new luxury apartments for purchase or rent. A 2020 vision developed by example construction Ltd. *designed picture of expected project*

It doesn’t take a genius to know that building these beautiful sky scraping luxury accommodations take some serious work in the boardroom and during the building process, hence why that stress it is a ‘2020 vision‘. There’s a possibility it may not make it through to the expected date but it’s a 2020 vision with a detailed picture that brings, a hope, a deadline that the construction company hope to meet.

this will motivate the builders to give it their all, to ensure that the final few days adding the finishing touches to the project, that it will start to take shape of the expected turn out.

It Is Difficult. yes… But the Earth was finished in 6 days by the creator himself.

Pointers to remind yourself:

  • Success, 800m, financial freedom and a Football League (sports league) are all examples to back up that – It is a marathon, not a sprint
  • Have a long term vision, somewhere you hope to be and understand that the way success is setup, means that obstacles are going to dent your hopes on many occasions.
  • Diet, a common factor as we’ve all been told. Drink lots of water and hydrate yourself especially in the summer, when heat upon stress really does close your head up.
  • As is the case with the majority of music artists from Hollywood, it is always encouraging for your own wellbeing and mentality to own something, a small income setup on the side of what you are doing at work whether it’s an office job or part time job, don’t see it as extra stress, see it as an extra opportunity to discover new things in life.
  • Get involved with a Network Marketing Company. A lot of them are product/service based and gain negative feedback from people that are clueless with business. If you are prepared to do some extra work on the side I’d recommend you get involved with one that matches your character.
  • Dream big, always hold onto your dream in your head and keep developing it as you live and as you sleep. For me, this is all that keeps me going, I’m optimistic and hungry to achieve what I’m visualising. I encourage you to do the same, it definitely helps.
  • Ignore what’s happening around you, watching others succeed can either spur you on to the same or cause you to get knocked off because you are comparing your wealth to theirs. Focus on yourself and the doors you can access, everybody will have their opportunity, it’s whether you’re alert enough to take it.

As for myself, I do a lot of different stuff that interest me and I’m hoping to take on two other opportunities later this year, despite my current mood right now being quite unhappy. My own philosophy is to still use my talents to push others. So when you feel demotivated, push through it with any solution that helps you. To quote myself:

Going to the gym to workout when you really want to gets you fitter of course, but going to the gym when you don’t feel like going is the difference maker, that is when you should go.

Written By: Elliott-Jay Munroop

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