They say the journey to success is a long one, don’t be afraid to go alone

Solo (noun) – A thing done by one person, unaccompanied, in particular

Solo (adjective & adverb) – For or done by one person alone; unaccompanied

I start the majority of my blogs with a quote or definition to allow you to understand I don’t just talk opinion, but fact. The reason for this post is more of an informal yet informative message I would like to share with you all, it also directs to a bit about me.

Judging by the title and definitions you probably have guessed what it’s about and I’m 90% sure you are correct, I believe in self-motivation and self-improvement to achieve targets and milestones that you set yourself. There was a long spell back in my early teenage days when I was achieving a lot of success on the sporting front, way more success than I had worked for.

Although limited to team honours and titles, I found myself gaining awards and records that were individual rather than team efforts and to my surprise too. As you can imagine what this went and done was only increase my confidence all around, I felt invincible on all scales, it gave me a competitive edge to win again and again and what would it take to do that? The same recipe as before, myself.

I began to trust myself and my ability 110% and I was adamant not to take any tips from anybody, I prefer to watch the best and learn from them behind closed doors. Cutting a long story short that same mentality has lived with me for my life and I will continue to go forward believing in my ability in whatever I do.

The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve found moving and improving by yourself means you’re able to grow in your own time and take the steps that you need to reach targets. The point I’m not trying to make is that you can do it all by yourself, because that will never be the case, we all need a mentor or somebody there of higher experience to give us guidance on the journey.

The benefits of going alone are often brighter and mean you control what you do and when you do it, depending on the discipline of yourself. I thought I’d just point this out as it was running round in my head.

Written by: Elliott-Jay Munroop

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Optimism in Business

Optimism – hopeful and confident about the future.

A must have asset in business, without optimism getting from Monday to Friday will be a real struggle. Seeing further than the position you are in, not only raises your morale but also team members and colleagues. Sharing the vision, a vision determines the way we act and react in business/work related situations, or in some cases even general life situations.

For existing business personnels and owners, you will know not everyday is pretty and for those new to business or thinking about going into business, if you are optimistic but think everyday will be according to your business plan or dream, your business dream might end before it has even started.

Young entrepreneurs tend to look and talk more optimistic than the older ones, why? There is more to look forward to being a young aspiring businessman in the modern day, more opportunities are there for the taking. How to be successful is now a remedy that can be taught, however the skills required to be successful cannot be taught. Everyday must be seen as another step up a very rough and emotional journey, because when bad days loom over you, one has got to be prepared for the trials that are constantly tearing up plans and targets.

Business is often a numbers and possibility game, that eventually means with a strong work ethic, you will win. Especially within recruitment and sales, Bill Gates the owner and founder of Microsoft once said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning“. Not everybody is going to want what you offer, it’s just the way it goes so it is important not to discourage yourselves. You started the race, now it is nobodies duty but yours to finish it.

Create a strong optimistic personality in your character, so that when difficult obstacles are placed in front of your path, you are able to not give up and turn around but work around it, or better yet, work through it with a solution. Nobody deserves to be a millionaire for free. Try having this mentality: Why do I deserve a large bankroll? Is my time, are my efforts worth hundreds, thousands or millions?

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Written by: Elliott-Jay Munroop


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“Monday is the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes”

While Monday is commonly known as the ‘can’t be bothered’ day for the majority of workers all over the world. Really we should get the feeling, perhaps Monday was the day that all these successful entrepreneurs used to capitalise on due to everybody else’s ‘laziness’ and lack of desire. The idea of working in set time frames to earn an income, exchanging your time for money, also known as ‘linear income’.

However we all share the same hope that one day what we do (our professions/jobs), will be counted and result in our dreams coming true, whether it be making major thousands to millions of revenue from the industries we are already in, or just getting lucky in the lottery and moving away to a tropical island with our bank account’s smiling through the storms ahead.

You need to think of Sunday’s as a resting day, a preparation day for the big battle on Monday, where you need to give 110% for every hour of the day, because while you are putting in 110% all the other average working employees/staff in the company will be ‘lazy’ and lacking desire giving only 50%. Now you don’t need to be a mathematician to understand the kind of superior advantage you would have over your colleagues if you do this, and at what cost? Nothing just a unique mindset, the will to be the best, to actually give yourself a proper chance to experience a new feeling of financial stability without being time broke locked into one shell.

Monday’s are the days of the week where it either makes us or breaks us on our journeys to the top whether everybody gets there or not, it is of your best interest to find yourself at the top regardless of who is joining you. Some may wonder, what if all employees come in on Monday morning with a buzz about them?: Nothing changes this will test your resolve, how competitive are you? If you made smarter decisions than your rivals at the end of the day you will gain the feeling that whatever reward you receive, it is a fair justification of your efforts.

Success is a blend between Decisions & Effort, you can’t expect different outcomes from doing the same methods. So do something different, switching your strategies daily or weekly in your mind so it won’t take up hours of your time,  seeing fresh outcomes will help you discover new opportunities and those opportunities can only be accessed with your decision.

Elliott-Jay Munroop

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Can City based Tourism like Paris, London and Rome, match the sunny Island Resorts?

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Can it? Let me know your choice, also comment to share with me a more detailed opinion:

Looking at it and being quick to answer, it would seem to be a mismatch. We all want the sunshine, the luxury way of living naturally, but properly giving it some thought the argument can be fought by the ‘City-based’ tourists.

Can this top floor of the Eiffel Tower view gain more tourists than a Resort?

Can this top section of the Eiffel Tower view gain more tourists than a Resort?

Or the famous Notre Dame Church attract more visitors than sunny skies and water parks?

Or the famous Notre Dame Church of Paris attract more visitors than crystal Oceans and water parks?

The annual tourism figures would suggest it can’t, France of course topping the pile being the most visited country in the world (sourcesee previous post).  However the European countries leading the charge to get greater tourism figures, I believe would be down to the financial summary of it. It is cheaper to spend weekends and breaks in Europe than it is to take a weekend in the Maldives. Therefore sparking the question:

If you were granted a free holiday, to either Europe or an Ocean Resort which one would you pick?

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The distance and price can sometimes falter our plans to visit the top destinations abroad such as Mauritius

Although it’s a shame, we can’t slam down the finest destinations in Europe just because they don’t have a beach and it isn’t sunshine everyday. A key to travelling and touring the unknown wonders of the world is seeing the perfection everywhere we go, it will all be different. Japan won’t possess the same features as Grenada, the two countries are completely trying to achieve different targets with their tourism. Atmosphere and culture I identified as the two factors that make holidays and travels so unique, getting a whole new feeling being somewhere that wasn’t like the last.

What do the results say in reality?

It’s straight forward to see, the two aren’t really in any competition amongst themselves, whereas Fiji may want to out sell the Solomon Islands when summer comes around. Myself and my team noticed no friction of any sort at the World Travel Market between the Tropical Resorts and the City Tour excursions. Being in the industry everyday I do believe Tourism Boards should be as ambitious as possible.

By this I mean for example the Ugandan companies can accept, we may not have Disney Land and the Eiffel Tower but we have plenty of Safaris covering acres of land, that are home to Lions, some of the most rare birds, Gorillas and the list obviously goes on. It’s all about embracing USP’s a term that means a ‘Unique Selling Point’, there are enough audiences around and everybody likes a bit of something that one country may provide, that another doesn’t.

It’s the Marketing Agencies and Marketing directors of companies that have to make that decision improve every year. In simpler terms, Germany, India, Spain, Jamaica, Turkey and the other 191 destinations in the world all have holidays to offer, pick one randomly out of a hat and book it, it will be as good as any other place!

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A business that lives & dies by a philosophy

Biz Pronto

Philosophy: ‘A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour.’

A business that lives and dies by a philosophy. If this is the case whatever philosophy that may be: boring, winning, tactical, rake in financial profit by any means, patient or never give up. The philosophy can be anything that works in the owners favour, something that only that specific business can implement into their work. So if the case is ‘A business that lives and dies by a philosophy’ then this cannot be, it means the business does not die.

Henry Ford founder of the Model-T and Ford Motor Company

Still going as strong as ever today, founded by a normal engineer, Tom Ford found himself being promoted to Chief Engineer in 1893 with the Edison Illuminating Company. Now in 2015, the latest results show that as of 2013, the Ford Motor company is raking a net income of $7.15 billion (US)… How’s that for Philosophy?

From the basic (as we see it now) 18th century (1896) Ford-quadricycle to the (not yet released as until later this year) Ford S-Max, this shows more than the other 5 listed philosophies that Henry Ford ran the company with a ‘winning’ approach to business. He created the Model-T with the mentality that he could compete in the automobile market and is willing to take on whatever his competitors come back with, unfortunately he sadly passed away back in 1947 of course.

The reality of his work is that although not one of the top models in the market today, due to Mercedes Benz and BMW especially, have worked increasingly hard to challenge and integrate 21st century technology into their vehicles, Henry Ford’s philosophy is still being lived by in the company and more importantly his motors are still alive and competing.

What type of business do you run/What type of business will you run?

Now in 2015, entrepreneurs have a choice. There are more opportunities to grab than ever before according to Richard Branson’s Virgin – Entrepreneurship is set to go viral in 2015, for young business personalities this is encouraging news and this is a door that opens up dreams for aspiring business owners.

However for those self-started companies and business owners that have been running for years, seen the market rise and fall, experienced good and not so good business decisions affect their financial stability, where do you go from here?

From the little experience I have in the industry compared to the many great personalities in the country, I know that before anything else, you cannot get to the top of the stairs without wanting to climb the second step. As my experience grows at 17 years old, I’m learning the fundamentals of business everyday. As an Entrepreneur your business can’t grow firstly without you loving what you do, the drive, energy and passion for the role must be genuine love that reflects your buzz during work flow everyday.

The biggest time-wasting activities at work are personal internet use (34%), socialising with colleagues (20.3%) and conducting personal business (17%) –, 2007

If we are claiming to have a winning mentality in our philosophies why do we time waste?

  • Not enjoying the job
  • Bored
  • Easily distracted
  • Lack of discipline

If you can love what you do, then your heart and positive approach to the business will elevate into much more than you could expect. This also ensures your mindset is in the right place, a clean mind strictly focused on completing a task means you are making progress and because we are all humans you won’t realise it yet, until the project is done. Seeing tasks through because you can’t wait for the results is a form of ‘love for the job’.

Employees spend an average of 11 minutes on a task before being distracted. Once distracted, it takes workers 25 minutes to return to the original task. – University of California

A philosophy that employees understand means they will either agree with it and stay on within the business or disagree with it and depart. It is essential that as a manager you push your philosophy out so your employees know what level to work for and eventually reach. Many professional sport coaches tend to work by philosophy in order to operate effectively at their clubs. It means everybody is going in the same direction, there is positivity and an understanding both for the philosophy and the companies welfare and journey.

I leave you with this Quote:

Brits watch an average of 3.7 hours of TV a day. That’s more than a day a week spent in front of the box. Imagine what you could do if you gave up TV for a while. – Thinkbox, January 2009

My Verdict: The time we spend doing half hearted activities, encourage one another to understand a talent, a hobby or an idea and write it down on paper, a memo pad on your mobile or tablet and then begin thinking realistically but outside the box, begin a plan without any capital in the equation and another one with capital in the equation, this is a brief business plan, how you implement it, is the beauty of being a ‘Founder of…’ or CEO of. It’s about being creative implementing your plan in a way nobody hasn’t. No matter how good your competitors are, there are always gaps in the market for an improvement, for a newcomer which could be you.

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2014 came and now it’s gone – My Review


The WTM was definitely the highlight of the year

It’s been an action filled year for me as expected, there is always a strong determined mind set for me when I have gone into every year in the past so no surprises there. It will be the same hopefully if I make it into 2015, the goal for me every year is just to be a better person, I believe as a human gets older they should improve in all aspects, kind of like taking your game up a few notches. Throughout this post, I thought it would be nice if I recapped my events this year, the positives and the things I need to work on desperately next year…


2014 started with me pursuing a life long goal in sport studies, however I began to see a bigger picture, with my performance levels dropping, I lacked consistency during matches so coaches began to lose faith in me. I remember when I was in year 9 about 4 years ago, I received advice from somebody however I don’t remember the person and it was basically that you should always have a plan B especially when pursuing ambitions in the sport industry.

I chose the second best thing I was good at, presenting, networking and having all these ideas that I know have potential to build momentum on, in other words the business sector of marketing and branding, since I left doing sports, I have been fortunate to start a marketing job for an agency. Ideally I want to go to University and get a degree to start my own company but only time will tell how that goes.

The extra push that got me through:

What I’m getting at here is besides how much I’ve grown this year, the friends I haven’t had hardly any time with and the lessons I learned, my Christian journey took a big step over the bridge and it has given me a morale boost, I feel happier when I’m in bad moments knowing a result will come and that was 2014 in a nutshell for me, just tests that I overcame continually, it goes without saying praying of course played a big part.

Some won’t believe in prayer, probably the same way I didn’t when my Dad would ask me to, things never happened because I didn’t have faith that is all it comes down to, I encourage people reading this to pray literally in every situation it doesn’t have to be the pastors long 20 minute prayer, it can be 1 minute to maybe 3 minutes something brief.

Socialising and Friends:

I’ve noticed myself drifting from all my companions unfortunately, not on purpose but simply because adulthood is around the corner, I know it, I’d love to be back seeing old friends and socialising like I use to but the fact is there is no time for it, throughout the week I work and weekends I believe are made for my brothers in Christ, Church family, I do seek to integrate my dear friends to my Church brothers as it would be selfish me knowing the truth but not even sharing it with my friends.

I think if we are meant to be together in the future it will be happen, however I do not agree with holding grudges, grudges won’t feed your children in 7-10 years time or pay housing costs or fund shopping sprees so why do humans do it? That is something that remains beyond me and will always be beyond me, because I don’t like to dwell on immature subjects such as this.

Lessons that came my way seeing the good in everything:

This year I took everything as lesson, dig out the positive bits and when you do this, I promise you that it develops personality improvement which I certainly needed, blending this and strengthening my walk in faith with the encouragement of a small group of brothers from my Church has ensured my year was an emotional one and one I think I smiled through in  tough situations, why? I smiled in advance knowing good fortune from above is around the corner.

I have some close friends that I have been with from a young age in the Church and didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with them but they are family and can call me at any time they need it’s like that.

2015 and moving forward:

I’m confident that what I’ve learned in 2014 will help me have a better year in 2015, at the moment I’m learning as much as I can in the Travel and Tourism industry doing sales and marketing but behind the scenes I am planning a lot in regards to my own small set up that I believe will grow in years to come, it’s stressful because I want it to be accurate and detailed, I turn 18 in April 2015. I can honestly tell you 2015 will be exciting, with the support of family, friends and God continuously conversing with me, I don’t expect much action not until 2016/17 anyway until then I will continue painting a picture.

To those that have been reading my blogs since I got active on here, thank you for comments and likes etc. which is nice to see, the more I discover means the better the content will be, continue sharing and re-posting, means a lot to me thanks… I wish you all the best in the new year, self motivate yourself to do good things.

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Delve into the enchanting scenery of Mauritius with White Sand Tours!

White Sand Tours

Produced by:

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“Experience the scintillating atmosphere of the tropics on a personal basis”

A sensational Island wrapped up in emotion, dreams and culture while the music from the Sega bands play music blended with a tropical fever; on the white sandy beaches, can you hear the mellow waters of the Indian Ocean calling you? Let the nature of Ile Maurice communicate with you, open your eyes to scenery like no other in the world today.

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Not many Destination Management Companies in the world can provide you with the service and hospitality, that White Sand Tours give everyday to their existing customers with such consistency. With over 100 staff in company their ability to introduce the real landscapes of Mauritius, is a beautiful compliment to your well-being and enjoyment. White Sand Tours can show you more, than what meets the eye when viewing basic pictures of the Island. With so much colour on show throughout the Island, you can finally say you went to the end of the rainbow and there White Sand Tours team supported your journey.

“You want luxury? Treat yourself like Royalty during Summer 2015”

Residence in several hotels and luxury suites available across the Island that provide maximum comfort as night falls over the Ocean that sparkles near-by your room, many of the holiday hotels tend to be around the borders of Mauritius, this ensures that your nights are as peaceful and unwinding as possible. “What do I do if I’m just so excited for my day out with White Sand Tours the next day?” No worries Sea food cuisines and oriental restaurant/bars are popular sit ins to soak up the enriching air that moves with the soft breeze at nightfall, one must accept that sometimes happiness and emotion takes over the human body, Mauritius is the land filled with passion that will psychologically win your heart over every time, an exhilarating all year round destination, summer sun, autumn sun and winter sun.

blog 5

For affordable prices the Island should be filled with happy families that seek enjoyment and positive, vibrant energy. Mauritius has jungles and rainforests that can be visited and moments that can never be experienced anywhere else, must be captured on camera.

“Enter a different world; enter a different universe beyond reality”

White Sand Tours provide their guests with the opportunity to retreat to a world where the only thing that matters is you. Time alone on the Indian Ocean such a subtle destination, sea excursions (Ilot Gabriel) the equivalent scenery to Heaven on Earth, you can almost smell the crystal water from the catamaran in which you will be on board receiving unlimited beverages along with a complimentary BBQ lunch courtesy of White Sand Tours.

If ever there was a moment of elegance it would be sunbathing under a cloudless light blue sky and beautiful beaming sun that reflects onto the water, White Sand Tours really do make you live ‘life at its finest’. You will be in paradise, this is the meaning of fresh air circulating your body, the next major Island across the Indian Ocean being Sri Lanka 4,034 km away, this is a chance of a lifetime to isolate yourself in the tropics of Mauritius and explore the creatures of nature, you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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For those looking to travel with children, White Sand Tours provide wonderful opportunities ideally for the adventure seeking visitors to snorkel within the diamond-esque water of the Ocean. Plenty of wildlife to encounter whether you are under water or on the Island, who knows you may even find traces of the legendary dodo bird.

“An Island where White Sand Tours and the residents fill the air with warmth”

The team at White Sand Tours are in connection with many hotels across the Island, 17 hotels of note, close to the edge of the Island to increase the stress-release feel being able to catch more than a glimpse of a view that will live in your mind for years, Mauritian hotels like to give guests the opportunity to be as close to their dreams as possible, so close you can touch it.

Mauritius is an Island where you can get lost in all the scenery, beauty can take you by surprise, however White Sand Tours offer transportation solutions for anybody on excursions with them, giving them an easier way to get around quicker not to mention already having such lovely residents around the Island that are multi-lingual, positive people and willing to help if they can. Standard transfers, superior transfers, executive or even luxury transfers the aroma of sweet tropical breeze certainly catches you riding in the cars through capital city Port Louis.

In a Mercedes Benz C-class driving through Europe is one thing a bit too common, White Sand Tours can take you on tours in a Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Santa Fe or even BMW 5-series, once again no other DMC can give you Mauritius in such robes of luxury. If walking is too tiring for the visitors, White Sand Tours again give a hand of love and hospitality to offer you another option, every option that is offered allows you to see the Island in a different light, there is so much to indulge.

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“There’s Europe, there’s Dunns River, Kilimanjaro even Heaven… Then there’s Ile Maurice, Ile aux Cerfs”

Surrounded by white clear crystal water from the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tropical palace covering 2,040 km² of royal ground and feathery-light white sand spreading from the beaches. White Sand Tours will provide yet another sea excursion, the ultimate experiences that you will tell your children and your grandchildren, what supernatural feelings Mauritius can give you. Eastern Sailing Magic they call it, why? A chance like never before to view the breathtaking waterway Grande Rivière Noire, west side of the Island, a waterfall where you are fortunate to stop off for a swim session, let yourself flow free amongst the waters, for the food-loving people, relax on board meet new people and take advantage of the great traditional BBQ on deck of the catamaran. If you have never experienced love… Let the turquoise lagoon own your heart. “Dig your feet into warm soft sand and relax on the beach – White Sand Tours”

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Lose yourself, get lost in Mauritius and let the Ile Maurice sega music lead your journey

Booking holidays to Mauritius via Travel agents is one way, the following airlines also do flights to the Island (prices from £700):

  • British Airways from London Heathrow –  (0844 493 0787 /
  • Air Mauritius – (020 7434 4375 /
  • Emirates Airlines via Dubai from London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport – (0844 800 2777;

All flights will arrive at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (SSR) south east Mauritius, from there it is advised that you contact White Sand Tours about transportation bookings so they are aware of your arrival.

Currency: Mauritian rupee (MUR) – £1 (GBP) = 49 (MUR) *exchange rate as of 28/11/2014 @ 13:51*

White Sand Tours:

Mauritius photos: Courtesy of WhiteSandTours

Contact me:

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