Accelerate adding a bit more gas

By the time your week has hit Wednesday, what kind of state are you usually in? It tends to be one of the two:

  • *Excited* Yes, it’s Wednesday thank God the week is nearly over.
  • *Stressing out* I’ve only made 4 sales, No. I need to get those 10 sales in.

In professional cases sometimes employees can be excited about let’s say a family dinner on the weekend but it is competent behaviour that allows the employee to put work matters before great future moments, conquering the situation that he/she is currently facing. Wednesday afternoon is the time when the week should be running in full motion, a lot of interaction, communication and engagement should be clicking naturally between you, your colleagues and clients.

No doubt, with the average employee there should be a certain buzz and sharpness about him/her, a mentality where tasks have to be completed to the best standard possible. Wednesday is the kind of day in the corporate world where employees will have a strong focus on their work, their ability to pay fine attention to detail is much better on this day than on Monday for example.

Studies conducted by online research analysts have shown that the best days to perform a mail-out to your list are Tuesday and Wednesday, as this is when people are more receptive to communication. This means that they are more likely to read your content and click on links, meaning more sales.

On Mondays, everyone is still recovering from a hectic weekend. On Thursday and Friday, people are already too busy looking forward to the weekend. We’ve actually experimented with this, and received the best results by sending out emails at around 2-3pm (American Pacific Time) on a Wednesday.

That statistic is from an Email Marketing provider that conducted the research for those results. This shows the importance of understanding how to use your days of the week wisely, how to approach each day when you wake up and go to work. As mentioned earlier usually on Thursday and Friday especially employees tend to let their hair down and cool off a bit, whereas there is no room for underachievement on Wednesday, furthermore the statistic states ‘this is when people are more receptive to communication‘ proving Wednesday is when the majority of employees heads are in the right zone.

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