Optimism in Business

Optimism – hopeful and confident about the future.

A must have asset in business, without optimism getting from Monday to Friday will be a real struggle. Seeing further than the position you are in, not only raises your morale but also team members and colleagues. Sharing the vision, a vision determines the way we act and react in business/work related situations, or in some cases even general life situations.

For existing business personnels and owners, you will know not everyday is pretty and for those new to business or thinking about going into business, if you are optimistic but think everyday will be according to your business plan or dream, your business dream might end before it has even started.

Young entrepreneurs tend to look and talk more optimistic than the older ones, why? There is more to look forward to being a young aspiring businessman in the modern day, more opportunities are there for the taking. How to be successful is now a remedy that can be taught, however the skills required to be successful cannot be taught. Everyday must be seen as another step up a very rough and emotional journey, because when bad days loom over you, one has got to be prepared for the trials that are constantly tearing up plans and targets.

Business is often a numbers and possibility game, that eventually means with a strong work ethic, you will win. Especially within recruitment and sales, Bill Gates the owner and founder of Microsoft once said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning“. Not everybody is going to want what you offer, it’s just the way it goes so it is important not to discourage yourselves. You started the race, now it is nobodies duty but yours to finish it.

Create a strong optimistic personality in your character, so that when difficult obstacles are placed in front of your path, you are able to not give up and turn around but work around it, or better yet, work through it with a solution. Nobody deserves to be a millionaire for free. Try having this mentality: Why do I deserve a large bankroll? Is my time, are my efforts worth hundreds, thousands or millions?

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Written by: Elliott-Jay Munroop