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“Monday is the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes”

While Monday is commonly known as the ‘can’t be bothered’ day for the majority of workers all over the world. Really we should get the feeling, perhaps Monday was the day that all these successful entrepreneurs used to capitalise on due to everybody else’s ‘laziness’ and lack of desire. The idea of working in set time frames to earn an income, exchanging your time for money, also known as ‘linear income’.

However we all share the same hope that one day what we do (our professions/jobs), will be counted and result in our dreams coming true, whether it be making major thousands to millions of revenue from the industries we are already in, or just getting lucky in the lottery and moving away to a tropical island with our bank account’s smiling through the storms ahead.

You need to think of Sunday’s as a resting day, a preparation day for the big battle on Monday, where you need to give 110% for every hour of the day, because while you are putting in 110% all the other average working employees/staff in the company will be ‘lazy’ and lacking desire giving only 50%. Now you don’t need to be a mathematician to understand the kind of superior advantage you would have over your colleagues if you do this, and at what cost? Nothing just a unique mindset, the will to be the best, to actually give yourself a proper chance to experience a new feeling of financial stability without being time broke locked into one shell.

Monday’s are the days of the week where it either makes us or breaks us on our journeys to the top whether everybody gets there or not, it is of your best interest to find yourself at the top regardless of who is joining you. Some may wonder, what if all employees come in on Monday morning with a buzz about them?: Nothing changes this will test your resolve, how competitive are you? If you made smarter decisions than your rivals at the end of the day you will gain the feeling that whatever reward you receive, it is a fair justification of your efforts.

Success is a blend between Decisions & Effort, you can’t expect different outcomes from doing the same methods. So do something different, switching your strategies daily or weekly in your mind so it won’t take up hours of your time,  seeing fresh outcomes will help you discover new opportunities and those opportunities can only be accessed with your decision.

Elliott-Jay Munroop

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Can City based Tourism like Paris, London and Rome, match the sunny Island Resorts?

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Can it? Let me know your choice, also comment to share with me a more detailed opinion:

Looking at it and being quick to answer, it would seem to be a mismatch. We all want the sunshine, the luxury way of living naturally, but properly giving it some thought the argument can be fought by the ‘City-based’ tourists.

Can this top floor of the Eiffel Tower view gain more tourists than a Resort?

Can this top section of the Eiffel Tower view gain more tourists than a Resort?

Or the famous Notre Dame Church attract more visitors than sunny skies and water parks?

Or the famous Notre Dame Church of Paris attract more visitors than crystal Oceans and water parks?

The annual tourism figures would suggest it can’t, France of course topping the pile being the most visited country in the world (sourcesee previous post).  However the European countries leading the charge to get greater tourism figures, I believe would be down to the financial summary of it. It is cheaper to spend weekends and breaks in Europe than it is to take a weekend in the Maldives. Therefore sparking the question:

If you were granted a free holiday, to either Europe or an Ocean Resort which one would you pick?

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The distance and price can sometimes falter our plans to visit the top destinations abroad such as Mauritius

Although it’s a shame, we can’t slam down the finest destinations in Europe just because they don’t have a beach and it isn’t sunshine everyday. A key to travelling and touring the unknown wonders of the world is seeing the perfection everywhere we go, it will all be different. Japan won’t possess the same features as Grenada, the two countries are completely trying to achieve different targets with their tourism. Atmosphere and culture I identified as the two factors that make holidays and travels so unique, getting a whole new feeling being somewhere that wasn’t like the last.

What do the results say in reality?

It’s straight forward to see, the two aren’t really in any competition amongst themselves, whereas Fiji may want to out sell the Solomon Islands when summer comes around. Myself and my team noticed no friction of any sort at the World Travel Market between the Tropical Resorts and the City Tour excursions. Being in the industry everyday I do believe Tourism Boards should be as ambitious as possible.

By this I mean for example the Ugandan companies can accept, we may not have Disney Land and the Eiffel Tower but we have plenty of Safaris covering acres of land, that are home to Lions, some of the most rare birds, Gorillas and the list obviously goes on. It’s all about embracing USP’s a term that means a ‘Unique Selling Point’, there are enough audiences around and everybody likes a bit of something that one country may provide, that another doesn’t.

It’s the Marketing Agencies and Marketing directors of companies that have to make that decision improve every year. In simpler terms, Germany, India, Spain, Jamaica, Turkey and the other 191 destinations in the world all have holidays to offer, pick one randomly out of a hat and book it, it will be as good as any other place!

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