2014 came and now it’s gone – My Review


The WTM was definitely the highlight of the year

It’s been an action filled year for me as expected, there is always a strong determined mind set for me when I have gone into every year in the past so no surprises there. It will be the same hopefully if I make it into 2015, the goal for me every year is just to be a better person, I believe as a human gets older they should improve in all aspects, kind of like taking your game up a few notches. Throughout this post, I thought it would be nice if I recapped my events this year, the positives and the things I need to work on desperately next year…


2014 started with me pursuing a life long goal in sport studies, however I began to see a bigger picture, with my performance levels dropping, I lacked consistency during matches so coaches began to lose faith in me. I remember when I was in year 9 about 4 years ago, I received advice from somebody however I don’t remember the person and it was basically that you should always have a plan B especially when pursuing ambitions in the sport industry.

I chose the second best thing I was good at, presenting, networking and having all these ideas that I know have potential to build momentum on, in other words the business sector of marketing and branding, since I left doing sports, I have been fortunate to start a marketing job for an agency. Ideally I want to go to University and get a degree to start my own company but only time will tell how that goes.

The extra push that got me through:

What I’m getting at here is besides how much I’ve grown this year, the friends I haven’t had hardly any time with and the lessons I learned, my Christian journey took a big step over the bridge and it has given me a morale boost, I feel happier when I’m in bad moments knowing a result will come and that was 2014 in a nutshell for me, just tests that I overcame continually, it goes without saying praying of course played a big part.

Some won’t believe in prayer, probably the same way I didn’t when my Dad would ask me to, things never happened because I didn’t have faith that is all it comes down to, I encourage people reading this to pray literally in every situation it doesn’t have to be the pastors long 20 minute prayer, it can be 1 minute to maybe 3 minutes something brief.

Socialising and Friends:

I’ve noticed myself drifting from all my companions unfortunately, not on purpose but simply because adulthood is around the corner, I know it, I’d love to be back seeing old friends and socialising like I use to but the fact is there is no time for it, throughout the week I work and weekends I believe are made for my brothers in Christ, Church family, I do seek to integrate my dear friends to my Church brothers as it would be selfish me knowing the truth but not even sharing it with my friends.

I think if we are meant to be together in the future it will be happen, however I do not agree with holding grudges, grudges won’t feed your children in 7-10 years time or pay housing costs or fund shopping sprees so why do humans do it? That is something that remains beyond me and will always be beyond me, because I don’t like to dwell on immature subjects such as this.

Lessons that came my way seeing the good in everything:

This year I took everything as lesson, dig out the positive bits and when you do this, I promise you that it develops personality improvement which I certainly needed, blending this and strengthening my walk in faith with the encouragement of a small group of brothers from my Church has ensured my year was an emotional one and one I think I smiled through in  tough situations, why? I smiled in advance knowing good fortune from above is around the corner.

I have some close friends that I have been with from a young age in the Church and didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with them but they are family and can call me at any time they need it’s like that.

2015 and moving forward:

I’m confident that what I’ve learned in 2014 will help me have a better year in 2015, at the moment I’m learning as much as I can in the Travel and Tourism industry doing sales and marketing but behind the scenes I am planning a lot in regards to my own small set up that I believe will grow in years to come, it’s stressful because I want it to be accurate and detailed, I turn 18 in April 2015. I can honestly tell you 2015 will be exciting, with the support of family, friends and God continuously conversing with me, I don’t expect much action not until 2016/17 anyway until then I will continue painting a picture.

To those that have been reading my blogs since I got active on here, thank you for comments and likes etc. which is nice to see, the more I discover means the better the content will be, continue sharing and re-posting, means a lot to me thanks… I wish you all the best in the new year, self motivate yourself to do good things.

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