2014 came and now it’s gone – My Review


The WTM was definitely the highlight of the year

It’s been an action filled year for me as expected, there is always a strong determined mind set for me when I have gone into every year in the past so no surprises there. It will be the same hopefully if I make it into 2015, the goal for me every year is just to be a better person, I believe as a human gets older they should improve in all aspects, kind of like taking your game up a few notches. Throughout this post, I thought it would be nice if I recapped my events this year, the positives and the things I need to work on desperately next year…


2014 started with me pursuing a life long goal in sport studies, however I began to see a bigger picture, with my performance levels dropping, I lacked consistency during matches so coaches began to lose faith in me. I remember when I was in year 9 about 4 years ago, I received advice from somebody however I don’t remember the person and it was basically that you should always have a plan B especially when pursuing ambitions in the sport industry.

I chose the second best thing I was good at, presenting, networking and having all these ideas that I know have potential to build momentum on, in other words the business sector of marketing and branding, since I left doing sports, I have been fortunate to start a marketing job for an agency. Ideally I want to go to University and get a degree to start my own company but only time will tell how that goes.

The extra push that got me through:

What I’m getting at here is besides how much I’ve grown this year, the friends I haven’t had hardly any time with and the lessons I learned, my Christian journey took a big step over the bridge and it has given me a morale boost, I feel happier when I’m in bad moments knowing a result will come and that was 2014 in a nutshell for me, just tests that I overcame continually, it goes without saying praying of course played a big part.

Some won’t believe in prayer, probably the same way I didn’t when my Dad would ask me to, things never happened because I didn’t have faith that is all it comes down to, I encourage people reading this to pray literally in every situation it doesn’t have to be the pastors long 20 minute prayer, it can be 1 minute to maybe 3 minutes something brief.

Socialising and Friends:

I’ve noticed myself drifting from all my companions unfortunately, not on purpose but simply because adulthood is around the corner, I know it, I’d love to be back seeing old friends and socialising like I use to but the fact is there is no time for it, throughout the week I work and weekends I believe are made for my brothers in Christ, Church family, I do seek to integrate my dear friends to my Church brothers as it would be selfish me knowing the truth but not even sharing it with my friends.

I think if we are meant to be together in the future it will be happen, however I do not agree with holding grudges, grudges won’t feed your children in 7-10 years time or pay housing costs or fund shopping sprees so why do humans do it? That is something that remains beyond me and will always be beyond me, because I don’t like to dwell on immature subjects such as this.

Lessons that came my way seeing the good in everything:

This year I took everything as lesson, dig out the positive bits and when you do this, I promise you that it develops personality improvement which I certainly needed, blending this and strengthening my walk in faith with the encouragement of a small group of brothers from my Church has ensured my year was an emotional one and one I think I smiled through in  tough situations, why? I smiled in advance knowing good fortune from above is around the corner.

I have some close friends that I have been with from a young age in the Church and didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with them but they are family and can call me at any time they need it’s like that.

2015 and moving forward:

I’m confident that what I’ve learned in 2014 will help me have a better year in 2015, at the moment I’m learning as much as I can in the Travel and Tourism industry doing sales and marketing but behind the scenes I am planning a lot in regards to my own small set up that I believe will grow in years to come, it’s stressful because I want it to be accurate and detailed, I turn 18 in April 2015. I can honestly tell you 2015 will be exciting, with the support of family, friends and God continuously conversing with me, I don’t expect much action not until 2016/17 anyway until then I will continue painting a picture.

To those that have been reading my blogs since I got active on here, thank you for comments and likes etc. which is nice to see, the more I discover means the better the content will be, continue sharing and re-posting, means a lot to me thanks… I wish you all the best in the new year, self motivate yourself to do good things.

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Delve into the enchanting scenery of Mauritius with White Sand Tours!

White Sand Tours

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“Experience the scintillating atmosphere of the tropics on a personal basis”

A sensational Island wrapped up in emotion, dreams and culture while the music from the Sega bands play music blended with a tropical fever; on the white sandy beaches, can you hear the mellow waters of the Indian Ocean calling you? Let the nature of Ile Maurice communicate with you, open your eyes to scenery like no other in the world today.

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Not many Destination Management Companies in the world can provide you with the service and hospitality, that White Sand Tours give everyday to their existing customers with such consistency. With over 100 staff in company their ability to introduce the real landscapes of Mauritius, is a beautiful compliment to your well-being and enjoyment. White Sand Tours can show you more, than what meets the eye when viewing basic pictures of the Island. With so much colour on show throughout the Island, you can finally say you went to the end of the rainbow and there White Sand Tours team supported your journey.

“You want luxury? Treat yourself like Royalty during Summer 2015”

Residence in several hotels and luxury suites available across the Island that provide maximum comfort as night falls over the Ocean that sparkles near-by your room, many of the holiday hotels tend to be around the borders of Mauritius, this ensures that your nights are as peaceful and unwinding as possible. “What do I do if I’m just so excited for my day out with White Sand Tours the next day?” No worries Sea food cuisines and oriental restaurant/bars are popular sit ins to soak up the enriching air that moves with the soft breeze at nightfall, one must accept that sometimes happiness and emotion takes over the human body, Mauritius is the land filled with passion that will psychologically win your heart over every time, an exhilarating all year round destination, summer sun, autumn sun and winter sun.

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For affordable prices the Island should be filled with happy families that seek enjoyment and positive, vibrant energy. Mauritius has jungles and rainforests that can be visited and moments that can never be experienced anywhere else, must be captured on camera.

“Enter a different world; enter a different universe beyond reality”

White Sand Tours provide their guests with the opportunity to retreat to a world where the only thing that matters is you. Time alone on the Indian Ocean such a subtle destination, sea excursions (Ilot Gabriel) the equivalent scenery to Heaven on Earth, you can almost smell the crystal water from the catamaran in which you will be on board receiving unlimited beverages along with a complimentary BBQ lunch courtesy of White Sand Tours.

If ever there was a moment of elegance it would be sunbathing under a cloudless light blue sky and beautiful beaming sun that reflects onto the water, White Sand Tours really do make you live ‘life at its finest’. You will be in paradise, this is the meaning of fresh air circulating your body, the next major Island across the Indian Ocean being Sri Lanka 4,034 km away, this is a chance of a lifetime to isolate yourself in the tropics of Mauritius and explore the creatures of nature, you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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For those looking to travel with children, White Sand Tours provide wonderful opportunities ideally for the adventure seeking visitors to snorkel within the diamond-esque water of the Ocean. Plenty of wildlife to encounter whether you are under water or on the Island, who knows you may even find traces of the legendary dodo bird.

“An Island where White Sand Tours and the residents fill the air with warmth”

The team at White Sand Tours are in connection with many hotels across the Island, 17 hotels of note, close to the edge of the Island to increase the stress-release feel being able to catch more than a glimpse of a view that will live in your mind for years, Mauritian hotels like to give guests the opportunity to be as close to their dreams as possible, so close you can touch it.

Mauritius is an Island where you can get lost in all the scenery, beauty can take you by surprise, however White Sand Tours offer transportation solutions for anybody on excursions with them, giving them an easier way to get around quicker not to mention already having such lovely residents around the Island that are multi-lingual, positive people and willing to help if they can. Standard transfers, superior transfers, executive or even luxury transfers the aroma of sweet tropical breeze certainly catches you riding in the cars through capital city Port Louis.

In a Mercedes Benz C-class driving through Europe is one thing a bit too common, White Sand Tours can take you on tours in a Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Santa Fe or even BMW 5-series, once again no other DMC can give you Mauritius in such robes of luxury. If walking is too tiring for the visitors, White Sand Tours again give a hand of love and hospitality to offer you another option, every option that is offered allows you to see the Island in a different light, there is so much to indulge.

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“There’s Europe, there’s Dunns River, Kilimanjaro even Heaven… Then there’s Ile Maurice, Ile aux Cerfs”

Surrounded by white clear crystal water from the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tropical palace covering 2,040 km² of royal ground and feathery-light white sand spreading from the beaches. White Sand Tours will provide yet another sea excursion, the ultimate experiences that you will tell your children and your grandchildren, what supernatural feelings Mauritius can give you. Eastern Sailing Magic they call it, why? A chance like never before to view the breathtaking waterway Grande Rivière Noire, west side of the Island, a waterfall where you are fortunate to stop off for a swim session, let yourself flow free amongst the waters, for the food-loving people, relax on board meet new people and take advantage of the great traditional BBQ on deck of the catamaran. If you have never experienced love… Let the turquoise lagoon own your heart. “Dig your feet into warm soft sand and relax on the beach – White Sand Tours”

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Lose yourself, get lost in Mauritius and let the Ile Maurice sega music lead your journey

Booking holidays to Mauritius via Travel agents is one way, the following airlines also do flights to the Island (prices from £700):

  • British Airways from London Heathrow –  (0844 493 0787 / ba.com)
  • Air Mauritius – (020 7434 4375 / airmauritius.com)
  • Emirates Airlines via Dubai from London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport – (0844 800 2777; emirates.com)

All flights will arrive at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (SSR) south east Mauritius, from there it is advised that you contact White Sand Tours about transportation bookings so they are aware of your arrival.

Currency: Mauritian rupee (MUR) – £1 (GBP) = 49 (MUR) *exchange rate as of 28/11/2014 @ 13:51*

White Sand Tours:

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